Our Process

Preliminary Estimate -

Vehicle will be brought into the shop and thoroughly inspected. This may include putting the vehicle on the lift. Pictures of key areas of damage will be taken. An estimate will be provided detailing the estimated costs of each identified issue. This preliminary estimate does not include any issues not yet discovered or verified.

Disassembly -

Complete restoration requires disassembly of the vehicle. Additional issues are usually discovered at this stage and will be reported to the customer along with photos and a revised estimate that includes these new items. Many items will also be cleaned and verified for reuse or replace.

Paint Stripping -

Media blasting and Chemical Stripper will be used to remove old finishes to bare metal or fiberglass. This ensures a clear visual of problem areas.

Repairs and Modifications -

A revised estimate will be provided detailing any new issues discovered after stripping the old paint. Old paint can hide rust, poor structural integrity, previously performed inadequate body work, etc. These items will be photographed and discussed with the customer along with a revised estimate.

Mechanical -

This may include suspension, engine, transmission, rear end, etc.

Electrical -

Electrical issues can be assessed and discussed with the customer along with a revised estimate.

Refinish and Reassemble -

Prime, paint, polish, and reassemble. The vehicle whether going to Pebble Beach or simply home will always be reassembled as close to factory version as possible. It will also be washed and throughly cleaned so when you pick it up it looks like it just rolled off the lot. The vehicle can be picked up and taken home at this point as long as all invoices have been paid.